Sophialinus Labyrinth

My Labyrinth Dedication

  Written with Moon Path CUUPS Study Group

Enter into Labyrinth Time, Ponder on your life's design,

Spiral down into the core, Determine what your life is for.

Stand here now in sacred space, Goddess Spirit in this place.

Spiral out back to your world, Be not seduced by madning swirl.

The following:
    Depending upon
        The Phase of the Moon

  Waxing Moon in the sky bright,  New beginnings start tonight.

  Waxing Moon in light of day,  New beginnings start this way.

  Waning Moon in the sky bright, All negativity ends tonight.

  Waning Moon hid by the day, Banish doubt, it must not stay.


     Sophialinus             The Drum Lioness