Sophialinus Labyrinth

Creating The Labyrinth - By Sophialinus

Creating the Labyrinth
The permanent labyrinth was started in early January, 2002.  

This is a narrative of how I created the permanent labyrinth.

The latest temporary labyrinth, which was still on the ground,  
 had been constructed  with stakes and yellow tape for
  Pagan Pride Day in September 2001.  
   The Permanent labyrinth would have to be flipped so the first turn
    would go to the right instead of the left.


Starting with this labyrinth pattern and moving the stakes and
adding/removing yellow tape the permanent labyrinth pattern
  was first constructed using the stakes and yellow tape.

                  The permanent design is below. 



January 2002

In January, 2002 the labyrinth pattern was flipped so that instead of
the entrance path turning left it would turn right for the first turn.  
  The width of the paths on the south and east side of the center were
   increased to 3 ft.  The center was increased from 6ft by 9ft  to 6ft (north/south)
    by 18ft (east/west).  The area north of the labyrinth was cleared.  
     The width of the paths on the north and west side of the center were
      increased to 3 ft.  There are two trees in two of the paths.  The two north paths
       were moved north by 3 ft so the path with the tree will be wider.  
        The overall dimension of the permanent labyrinth is 51 ft by 51 ft.

During the football playoffs in January is when I started gathering the rocks
to replace the yellow tape.  I remember giving up watching football on a Sunday
  the first time I went to gather rocks and place them on/under the yellow tape.  
   So you know I was devoted to gathering rocks for my labyrinth. I wear work gloves
    and toss the rocks toward the trunk of my car and then pick them up and put them
     into two boxes in the trunk of my car on each trip.  The larger rocks go on the
      outside edge and the smaller rocks go on the inside edges of the paths.  I am unable
       to throw, lift, carry any rocks that are too big and heavy for my hands so I figure
        I will need about 1800 rocks.  It takes many, many trips to gather rocks for 900 ft.  
          I make trips whenever the weather is good and I feel like it.  I never thought about
            keeping track of when and how many trips I have made hauling rocks but there are many.

The paths will first be covered with weed block material and then mulch.  
 I figure I will need 900 feet of weed block and about 150 bags of mulch.  


February 2002

On February 15, I bought  3 bags of cypress mulch, 3 bags of red mulch,
and 8 rolls of 100 ft weed block to put under the mulch.  I am unable to handle
  the bags of mulch so had someone from the store put them in trunk of my car
   and the next day Spelcastor took them out of the trunk and placed them on the
    weed block I had put on the ground in the center  I then was able to open the
    bags and spread the mulch on top of the weed block.  The cypress mulch on the
     bottom and the red on top.  Just the center will have the red mulch.  So the center
       is about finished and looking good.


 On February  23 someone offered their pickup truck and help so I bought 40 bags of cypress mulch.  
  Then I covered the south and some of the west paths with weed block and had the bags of mulch
   placed on the paths to both hold down the weed block and be available in the locations where it will be spread.

Then on  February 26 and 28, in addition to gathering and placing rocks,
 I started placing the weed block so that it overlapped under the rocks so
  no grass or weeds will grow and spread 10 bags of mulch.  The reason to
   overlap the weed block is so that the finished labyrinth will be as
     maintenance free as possible.  

Since the paths were marked for a width of 3 ft and the weed block is 3 ft
and the rocks take up a few inches this should all work out just fine but
  I now find that the rocks have to be moved to fit the real world of where
   the weed block overlaps and really is on the ground so from now on I will
    work from the center out and the outside in with overlapping the weed block.  
     And then fill in with extra weed block on the paths with the trees and any others
      that may need adjusting to maintain the outside dimensions.  This has turned out
       to be the most strenuous on the legs and back so I can only work a short period of time.
        I got carried away on February 26 and worked twice as long as I should have and
         got really sore quads and back.  Had to take a few days off to recover.

So as of February 28, 2002 there is 636 ft of rocks, 550 ft of weed block,
  and 16 bags of mulch spread on the ground and the labyrinth is starting to look really good.   
   The center will have the red mulch and the paths will have the cypress mulch.  

March 2002

On March 3, 69 more feet of rocks were placed on the edges.  All of the North-South edges
are completed with rocks and there is a total of 705 ft completed.  Yea!!!! just 195 more
feet of rocks to haul for the East -West edges.   More weed block was overlapped and two
  more bags of mulch were spread.  But someone else will have to spread the mulch.  
  The bags of mulch are much to heavy for my back to handle.  

YEA!!!  some help has arrived to gather rocks and spread the mulch today.  
On March 5, 70 feet of rocks were placed on the East-West edges and the 20 bags
  of mulch spread on the ground.  Weed block was placed on some of the East-West paths south of the center.  

On March 7, I bought 2 more rolls of weed block and 144 bags of mulch, 4 red and 140 cypress.  

March 8, the 144 bags of mulch were delivered and the final 125 feet of rocks were placed
on the ground plus more weed block was placed on the paths south of the center

The rest of the weed block was placed on the ground on March  9, 11, 12, and 13.  
About 950 feet of weed block was used on the paths.  
  The two paths with the trees required extra weed block since they were wider then 3 feet.  


 Now, as of March 14, all that is left is to spread the mulch,  A mulch spreading party  is scheduled for March 16.  
If enough people show up to help, all of the mulch will be spread. YEA!!!!!!!

YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Lots of help arrived and all 144 bags of mulch was spread on the labyrinth on March 16.  

Then the area north of the labyrinth was cleared of weeds.     

These pictures were taken March 17, 2002 The Day after it was completed


 This picture was taken March 25, 2002 with lights for the

         Vernal Equinox Ritual.

                    Sophialinus             The Drum Lioness